Consolidex "Third Party" Support Services

Consolidex is offering "Third Party" support services to customers that are interested in substantially reducing their IT operating expenses without comprising their existing service level agreements.

A Consolidex support services consultant can be scheduled for a customer onsite visit to communicate and demonstrate how customers have been able to realize compelling cost and operational benefits associated with Consolidex "Third Party" services.


Consolidex can provide customers with a FREE evaluation and assessment of their current IT environment outlining the non-critical and critical assets within the customers environment, identifying which assets would be eligible for 3rd party support and which assets should continue to be supported directly by the original manufacturer whereby substantially reducing support costs and totally eliminating any risk and/or negative business impact to the customer.

Consolidex has been able to provide customers up to 60% savings on their existing support costs while actually improving their service levels.  Click on the button to see the many benefits associated with Consolidex 3rd party services.

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