it’s no longer cost effective to continue to repair, upgrade or otherwise maintain a  server or storage device that has reached its "end of life" expectancy.


The average lifespan of a new technology procurement ranges from 3 to 5 years. After this period, a 3 year ROI (Return on Investment) assessment will clearly outline the compelling cost and operational benefits associated with a technology refresh in replacing aging technology with newer technologies that are more efficient and offer higher performance .


Customer Benefits are:

  • Faster and more efficient CPU performance that is able to meet the current and future growth demands of the business

  • Reduced power consumption, less floor space 

  • Lower TCO - hardware support costs

  • Simplified administration and management

Technology Refresh "Value" Proposition

Don`t throw out your ``end of life`` IT products – call Consolidex for a free estimate on your aging IT assets when you are considering a Technology Refresh.

Asset Recovery:

  • Fair "market value" for de-commissioned hardware

  • De-installation of aging assets by trained and certified technical resources.

  • Competently and safely remove hardware that has been scheduled to be de-commissioned from an operating environment.

  • Technical resources can handle, package and ship all customer de-commissioned hardware

  • Disk wiping & destruction compliance - CONSOLIDEX provides documentation for each drive certifying the procedure.

  •  ‘Green-IT’ recycling plan for all IT assets


Technology Refresh

  • Based on information provided by the customer that details current and projected future business goals, Consolidex technical consultants will recommend the best upgrade path to replace your old legacy technology with current "leading-edge" technology while ensuring that your software investment will not be subjected to incompatibility issues due to the procurement of the new technology.

  • Consolidex can provide full professional services to competently install, implement and test your new hardware before placing it in production. The old hardware will continue to operate until the new hardware has been successfully installed and tested.

  • Consolidex will also provide the customer with a manufacturer support services quotation for on-going support of the hardware.