The IT aftermarket (also called the tech secondary market) is an industry segment of tech resellers and active consumers that are buying and selling IT equipment outside of the channel endorsed by manufacturers. Secondary-market resellers are perhaps best known for providing used, refurbished technology equipment at a fraction of retail cost.


  There are 4 different categories of "after-market" products :

  • "New-in-the-box" - (This is new hardware product that was overstocked by a Distributor and sold to technology brokers for resell)

  • "Refurbished" - (This is used hardware product that has been totally refurbished by technology brokers to be sold in "almost new" condition)

  • "Manufacturer Refurbished" ( This is customer hardware that has been returned to the manufacturer as part of a customer technology refresh whereby the customer has received an upgrade allowance for his trade-in hardware).

  • "Used" - (This is "as is" hardware product that has been purchased by technology brokers to be sold as "used")

Consolidex can provide customers with "after-market" products that are classified as "new in the box", "used", "refurbished" or "manufacturer refurbished" to help customers meet IT budget constraints whereby they can be used  in non-critical environments or test and development environments.

Consolidex "after-market" products are sold with either Consolidex "third party" support coverage or certified and approved for manufacturer support coverage.



The following "after-market" hardware product categories are available:

  • Servers & Storage:   Sun / Hitachi / HP / IBM / EMC

  • Networking:              Cisco /   Juniper / Avaya / 3Com / Extreme Networks

  • Components:            Disks / Memory / Interface Cards  / HBA’s ….etc  

As always, our prices at Consolidex Solutions Inc. are as low as you will find in the industry.   In an effort to guide you to the most effective "after-market" storage platforms available in today’s market, we provide a wide selection of products complemented with unparalleled warranties, maintenance options and a commitment to service. 


Consolidex Solutions Inc. is a full-service company. Consolidex offers 5x9 or 24/7 support services   for all products sold whether directly or through the original manufacturer. 

Send us a request for quote to find out what refurbished products are available before your next purchase to compare.