IT Consolidation

As your organization enters a competitive landscape made up of global players, your IT infrastructure and operations professionals will face rationalization to some extent.This may leads to IT consolidation projects, as the finite resources must do more and as nearly everyone faces space, power, or budget limitations. Server consolidation dominates the activities in this space, but IT consolidation encompasses data center, storage, network, and even client systems rationalization efforts. New technologies, including virtualization, multicore processors, unified networking, and application delivery, are enabling new levels of consolidation and efficiency.

If you are at the point where your data center is physically running out of floor space, power, or cooling capacity, then you understand just how important it is. While facing this challenge for growth, you also want to be eco-friendly and endorse a greener approach to IT. And if you haven’t reached that point yet, begin taking the necessary steps to prevent such a crisis now. In order for consolidation to be successful, every aspect of the enterprise, from finance to human resources, must understand the objective and be committed to its success. At Consolidex, we believe that service delivery supported by an ITIL comprehension is the key to success.

Consolidex’s Consolidation approach is based on providing wholistic solutions that address both the infrastructure and the business. This approach leverages the collaborative relationship with the customer as its core discipline. This approach does not just provide new hardware and software to address an aging infrastructure, but looks at how the customer is using their IT services and the financial impact this has on the business.

Our approach

  • Collaborative, teaming relationship
  • Focus on overall business value
  • TCO/ROI analysis based on real customer data
  • Iterative analysis reflective of business and IT goals

We focus on Servers, Storage and the OS

The result is
  • Improved performance
  • Increased utilization rate
  • Reduced costs
  • Improved security
  • Predictable service levels
  • Better manageability
  • Higher availability
  • Ongoing commitment
Our delivery is based on our best practices
  • Get executive-level support
  • Agree on business goals
  • Proactively address company politics
  • Establish service level agreements with customers
  • Standardize where possible
  • Consolidate storage first
  • Perform extensive planning and documentation
  • Train IT staff about how to manage the consolidated environment
  • Deliver, repeat and augment thru our Rapid Assessment Feasibility methodology
Our methodology – Rapid Assessment Feasibility (RAF)

Our methodology provides a structure from which a consolidation and virtualization assessment team can design a RAF service that meets the client’s need for a solution tailored to their business and technology drivers and insures that Consolidex and its customers are not exposed to undue risk during the execution of the service and follow-on implementation services. Our RAF methodology approach is not a straight jacket that hinders the activities of the assessment team. It provides a structure that can be built on to ensure that minimum standards are adhered to and that specific processes and procedures are executed during the service to provide a consistent, quality focused experience for both the customer and the RAF team.