Identity Management

In order to maintain security, mitigate risk and reduce costs, we provide solutions and expertise that allows organizations to build flexible everyday enterprise solutions with market-leading Identity Management solution.

identity management streamlines and simplifies the process of managing user identities across a variety of applications in order to provide provisioning and secure access, ensure ongoing compliance and enable federation for sharing beyond boundaries.


Superior, Integrated User Provisioning and Identity Synchronization Services
  • Automatically detect and react to potential risks such as dormant accounts
  • Enforce consistent corporate security policies
  • Provide a central point to revoke user accounts
  • Offer visibility into user accounts using reporting and access privileges
  • Improve audit performance and legislative compliance
  • Automate provisioning and data synchronization
  • Reduce workload for user administration staff with self-service capabilities and delegated administration
Secure Access Management
  • Provide secure access to resources and data
  • Utilize role- and rule-based access control
  • Provide single sign-on across heterogeneous IT environments
  • Enable trusted partnerships with authentication and authorization across federated business networks
  • Centralize security policy enforcement